Divinely Designed

Divinely Designed - Rachael Anderson A light, refreshing read with likable characters and a clear plot line. The LDS element is central to the book as it's an important part of the characters' lives, but you don't have to have a strong knowledge of the faith to follow and enjoy the book.

The story chronicles a little less than a year in the life of Kennedy Jackson, who has just taken a new job in a new city. Most of the characters that she meets in her new life are only sketchily developed, but who the author focuses her attention on is a clear indicator of their importance in Kennedy's life. This division of attention, while somewhat unusual is actually more honest than a more even-handed treatment as it's much closer to real-life experience. Not everyone makes the same impact in an individual's life.

The dialogue felt honest and the situations realistic. I would definitely recommend this book as fun, easily accessible, and engaging.